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Cons Freelancer work

Any office worker at least once thought about leaving for free swimming. freelance platform attracts with its independence, the absence of reprimands from the authorities and annoying corporate requirements. At first glance, everything is fine. But freelance also has a dark side. Some negative aspects of remote work can be truly appreciated only after gaining some experience.


Refusal to pay for work done by a freelancer on freelancer slang is called “scam”. Such cases occur with an enviable frequency and, perhaps, there is not a single freelancer who has not encountered dishonest customers. Similar conflict situations occur in real life, but there it happens much less often, because firstly, between the customer and the contractor, personal contact is made with the conclusion of a written contract, and secondly, it is much easier to solve the problem by contacting the court with a statement of claim. Freelancers in this sense have a harder time, as they are forced to agree too often less favorable terms, which is used by unscrupulous customers.

Loneliness in freelance

Sometimes you can feel alone and in a team. Unpleasant atmosphere, conflicts, leadership nitpicking … Often a newcomer needs a lot of time to fit into a new team. But sooner or later this happens. A freelancer is always alone. Many of them lack simple human communication, because often besides communicating on professional topics, I want to share some of my impressions with other colleagues. Freelancer, despite the huge number of acquaintances in his contact list, still never communicates directly with most of his customers. The same goes for his colleagues.

Career growth

In any society, a person is evaluated not only by his professional qualities but also by how highly his social elevator ascended. A person who has made a career a priori looks in the eyes of others more successful than a talented person of a similar profession but interrupted by casual earnings.

Of course, among freelancers, there are very wealthy people who have a stable income, but they don’t have any regalia in the form of ranks, positions and everything else. And for many people it is very important to have a status – this allows them to feel more confident. So, starting the path to freelance, you need to clearly imagine that working remotely you are depriving yourself of a certain number of privileges that the status possesses. Career growth is not possible in freelance – but more complete self-realization is possible. So everyone chooses a job on their own.

Lack of social guarantees

The lack of a social package is an extremely painful issue for many freelancers. Thinking about their prospects, many admit that they are unlikely to have a decent pension. In the short term, the disadvantages of freelancing are such benefits that are familiar to an ordinary employee as paid leave and sick leave. Even when dismissed, an employee can take advantage of several methods to make job loss less catastrophic.

A freelancer who has lost a large customer loses everything and is forced to start looking for new customers. But freelancers can’t get used to this, and many of them do not care at all about the lack of a social package, since with good work they can more than pay for long downtime due to a lack of customers and forced inaction in case of illness. And saving yourself enough money for old age for a successful freelancer is not a problem.

Freelance – the work is quite risky. From a person who has chosen this particular way of earning for himself, he is required to be able-bodied, creative and decisive. If you are not afraid of high responsibility and you think that you are able to manage your own destiny yourself, then this is the job for you.