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Manchester United youngster Alejandro Garnacho has the world at his feet at the moment and it is up to him to take charge of his career from now on. After series of eye-catching performances since being integrated I to the first team by manager Erik ten Hag, he has been tipped to Co tinue developing at the club by former players, pundits, and his coaches as well. In his very first appearance for the first-team, he definitely impressed not just ten Hag but a lot of Manchester United fans who were present on the night in the Old Trafford fixture against Omonia in the Europa League.

His astonishing pace and trickery were put into use on the night as he often danced around defenders and tried to create big chances of his teammates. He followed up that performance with another stunning one against Real Sociedad in Manchester United’s last Europa League group stage clash against Real Sociedad  scoring the winning and only goal of the night in what was a sublime finish after a stunning through pass from his idol Cristiano Ronaldo.

One of the people who have urged him to become even better is former Manchester United midfielder, who is now a coach at the club, Darren Fletcher. The former United star has definitely seen some glimpses of the teenager in training at Carrington and has recently urged the youngster to do nothing other than Co tinue his development. Fletcher said that Garnacho has been a shining star for United in the academy since he started playing for them and according to him, the starlet has only one job and that is to continue making progress.

Garnacho was unable to impress on Sunday afternoon as United lost to Aston Villa but he could get another chance on Thursday as United welcome the same opponents in their Cup clash at Old Trafford.


Brazilian superstar Neymar has stated that he turned down the chance to sign for Real Madrid at the start of his professional football career. The Paris Saint Germain (PSG) confirmed that he turned down a transfer to Real Madrid as a very young player while he was speaking on the fenomenos podcast.

Neymar revealed that he was invited for a Real Madrid trial at the age of ten during the Galacticos era and he was excited. The Brazilian attacker said he watched their training session and also saw a game when he honoured the invitation from Real Madrid. He added that all the goals in the game he saw were scored by his compatriots with Ronaldo getting a brace, while Roberto Carlos, Robinho and Julio Baptista also scored. Neymar said he took a picture with all the Brazilian players and that he was over the moon afterwards.

On his trial, Neymar said it lasted for a week. According to him, it lasted for four days before he got homesick on the fifth day just before they wanted to take him to the Barcelona MIC Cup. The PSG player revealed that going home was the only thing on his mind immediately he wanted to quit his Real Madrid trial due to being homesick.

Neymar said he could have played for Real Madrid as everything was setup to be that way, but he returned to Brazil and stayed there till he signed for Barcelona. The PSG attacker made his professional bow at Santos and that was where he was before signing for Barcelona in 2013.

At Barcelona, Neymar formed a potent attacking partnership with the fellow South American duo of Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi on the way to winning the Champions League title at the end of the 2014/15 season. He spent four seasons at the Nou Camp before he sealed a world-record transfer to PSG in 2017.

Seven Techie Hobbies for Seniors

Hobbies have no age requirements. A teenager can take up knitting just as well as a senior can get into video games. Why not introduce a more modern hobby to your senior loved one?

Boredom is one of the biggest issues for many retirees. Whether they are aging in place or staying in a senior living facility, your elderly loved one may quickly run out of things to do. To combat boredom and help them stay mentally active, here are some hobbies–apart from the usual embroidery or scrapbooking–that may interest them:

1. Video games

Video games, like many other things, have no age limit. There is also an abundance of games that can still be played even with limited finger dexterity, which is great for seniors. Introduce a few games to your elderly loved ones to see what they like. You may have to invest a lot of time teaching them the controls, but they can end up loving the game thanks to you. Who knows? Maybe your seventy-year-old grandpa will be your next teammate on Call of Duty.

2. Vlogging

Vlogging is a great way to connect with other people in the world and share experiences and insights. For seniors, vlogging can be an opportunity to store memories for their children and grandchildren–like an online journal, but in video form. More importantly, your elderly loved one can make a vlog even with just a mobile phone, and you can edit the video for them to post online or share with family and friends.

3. Blogging

If your senior loved one is still adept at typing, encourage them to set up a personal blog. Here, they can share their experiences, insights, ideas, and creative works for the world to see. Apart from giving them an outlet for their thoughts and feelings, blogging can help stimulate their mind effectively.

4. Digital art

Does your elderly family member love to draw, paint, or sketch? If so, then they may appreciate the wonders of digital art. Similar to videogames, it may take a lot of time to get them used to the software you choose, so be patient. If they love traditional art, they may learn to love digital art as well, especially when you show them what they can do with it.

5. Photography

Photography is not new, but there are more technological advancements today than there were back then. Cameras are smaller and more advanced, but many are still easy to use and are relatively affordable. Alternatively, your senior loved one can practice photography on their smartphone alone. This hobby can help them create more memories, spend more time outside, and stimulate their creativity, among other benefits.

6. Digital music production

With a simple app, seniors can spin out their own tune in a few hours, which is another great way to improve mental health. Even if they are not necessarily musicians, this hobby is a fun and productive way to pass the time.

7. Fantasy sports

Playing fantasy sports is about strategy, statistics, and math, making it a great hobby for everyone, regardless of age. If your elderly loved one was a sports fan back then, they may appreciate this hobby more.

Who said that techie hobbies are just for the younger crowd? Even if seniors are not technologically inclined, they can still catch up and enjoy the hobbies that we, their children and grandchildren, grew up with.