Plan your grand wedding with grand jewelleries too

Wedding day is the special day for both the bride and groom. You cannot deny the fact of the groom’s jewellery along with that of the brides. They both are getting married and from the wedding day itself they should complement each other in every sense. As nowadays, couples prefer for a theme wedding, you cannot just avoid the minute details of the groom’s jewellery too. The planner and the designers both of apparel and jewellery should keep the total package of the couple a perfectly matched set. The groom should be given the same importance in designing the jewellery.

There are several colours trending in the marriage  jewellery section at present. As white is the colour for the bride on her special day, some women tries to incorporate the colour in their jewellery too and quite naturally you can’t deny the same colour for the men’s accessories too. The jewellery pieces from headband to toe ring every part should be complementing the dress the bride is wearing. The basic colours which are common and trending in for jewellery designs are-

  • White– the bride may not wear a veil, but her hair must look stunning with her white wedding gown and the hair combs are the best option for that as they will look classy yet ecstatic with the bridal look. You can even choose a crown or headband to keep your hair in place and look at the queen on that particular day. The groom can wear a white bracelet with the black or white suit he is wearing for his special day. 
  • Rose Gold– this colour is very much in fashion and changes the monotonous golden shades of the jewelleries and makes them look trendier yet traditional for the occasion.  The hair combs can be studded with diamonds too and in the rose gold colour they will just shimmer like stars. The groom can wear that colour too without any glitch. A broach over the breast pocket will look stunning. 
  • Sterling silver– the silver colour is available in jewelleries in different shades, for wedding one must go for the shining one and with sterling silver jewelleries the gorgeous look a bride can have is beyond explaining. The groom also can easily flaunt a huge bracelet of silver suiting his personality. The colour complements their look for the wedding as it is soothing to the eyes. 
  • Gorgeous Golden– the eternal colour for jewelleries that make you shine like a real queen heading towards her castle with her beloved husband by her side. The jewelleries should be designed in a way that they must be in accordance with the total theme or else the look will be somewhat misplaced. The Groom can also wear a chain and pendant of his choice to match her queen. 

The colour of the jewelleries and the styles and metal like titanium  don’t have any universal rules, you should choose the one you think looks better on you, because the complexion and the personalities are issues which matter while you shop for bride jewelleries and you need to be especially careful as it is for your wedding.